100 Book Challenge

Step Up To The Challenge! 

We are ready to begin the 100 Book Challenge program. Every day, we encourage you to read a with your child online or with a physical book. We hope that together, you and your child will read and talk about the books in 3 different ways:

  • Your child may tell or make up the story by "reading" the pictures. Talking about what he/she sees in the pictures develops important language and pre-reading skills.
  • Your child may read the words, IF he/she is ready for that. In Kindergarten and the beginning of first grade, this mostly means matching the first letter sound with a word that matches the picture. (We do not ask beginning readers to "sound out" words. That comes later.)
  • You may read books to your child. Parents reading to their children is one of the most powerful things in the world for creating successful readers.

Each time you and your child do any combination of the above three things for 15 minutes, your child will get credit for one Step of reading. You should read for at least 2 Steps every night. Please:

  • Fill out one line on the logsheet for each 15-minute Step of reading. (You and your child will probably read from 2 or more books during the 15-minute Step. Pick just one of the book titles to write on the logsheet line. When you read for another 15 minutes, you will fill out another Step.)
  • Sign the logsheet in the Coach's Signature column-just for the Steps accomplished at home.

While you are listening to or reading to your child be sure your child is:

  • Having fun
  • Following the story pages from left to right
  • Using the picture clues to help tell the story
  • Talking with you about connections he and you make to the book

Books are a window to the world! Thank you for being a partner with us in your child's education.